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On the following pages we will be creating a web site that looks at the possible impact of climate change on the environment and consequently people, plants and animals. We will also investigate ideas about how we can help change things for the better.


Go to hand in work primary extension and copy and paste the KWL sheet into your my documents on your own brainstorm things you know, and things you want to know about the future impact of climate change. Don't forget to save this every time you do it, please save it in your own name. At the conclusion of this project you will upload this completed sheet as part of your assessment.It is important that you reflect on what you have learnt and write this into the KWL before handing it in.

The Task

Working with a partner use the group page you have been allocated to create a web page which teaches others about the impact of climate change and possible solutions on any of the following; people, animals, plants, the environment. The page should be suitable for students in upper primary and lower secondary school to read and understand.
Your web page should include;
  • A heading. (1)
  • An introductory statement stating what climate change is and what your page focus is. (2)
  • Some facts that you have found out about the impact of climate change on the two areas you have chosen. (6) Try using the six thinking hats to look at Climate Change from different points of view- it's not all bad! Click on these links to find out how to do this. White Hat Thinking , Red Hat Thinking, Black Hat Thinking, Yellow Hat Thinking, Green Hat Thinking and Blue hat Thinking.
  • Some suggested solutions to the problems you have discovered. (6)
  • Your information sources clearly cited at the end of your page under the heading References (3) Please note the majority information should be written in your own words not just copied and pasted from other web sites.
  • A minimum of 4 Links to interesting sites. (4)
  • A map and or picture which relates to your information (4)
  • Spelling and overall presentation (4)
  • Planning and Reflection KWL completed (10)
  • Attitude and self management. (10)
  • Total (50 ) marksGreat Video About Global Warming